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PARAM is developed by our company, Logiciels Cx, it’s a simple, safe and efficient program for medical billing, conforms to the standards of the RAMQ. PARAM includes the four billing modes à l’Acte (SYRA), Vacation, Rémunération mixte and Salariat.

Our clients

general practitioner

General practitioner

General practitioners who work alone and want to do their own billing.

Medical specialist

Medical specialist

Doctors in all specialties who carry out their own billing.

Group doctors

Grouped doctors

Grouped professionals who charge using a collective administrative account number.

Billing agencies

Billing agencies

Commercial agencies that perform tasks related to billing.

Medical secretary

Medical secretary

Administrative staff that perform billing for a group of professionals (private clinic, office, etc.).

Other clients

Other clients

Anyone else who performs tasks related to computerized billing.

Why choose PARAM?


Certified by the RAMQ

Recognized and compliant with the administrative and technical standards of the RAMQ.

In compliance with SYRA

In compliance and up to date with new features brought on by SYRA.

Quality product

A high quality medical billing program that meets the true needs of our clients.



Very intuitive and easy-to-use, requiring a minimum of training.



Tools that facilitate fast billing, such as templates, automatic data entry, shortcuts, and more.



Allows you to customize the work environment according to your needs.


Information readily available

Daily utility modules and information tools, such as a manual, a FAQ section, videos, etc.


Support guaranteed

You can count on our team's expertise for excellent client service.



All our services are included in the annual fee, without charge by doctor additional. The best price on the market!


Protected data

Backup in the cloud with OneDrive.


Additional modules

Provided with additional modules and utilities.



Compatible with Windows and Mac (with Windows emulator).

PARAM is your ideal billing program. It’s not only compatible with the new SYRA system but makes using it simpler and faster!

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