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Logiciels Cx was incorporated in 1990 by Doctor Stephen Morgan and Professor Pierre Vaillancourt, aiming to provide the best and least expensive medical billing solution for Québec practitioners. Our continued evolution is due in large part to our clients who, over the years, have provided invaluable ideas and suggestions that we were able to pass on to you.

The Morgan doctor, an exceptional surgeon, died in June 2020, but his work lives on in his dedicated team that continues to offer the best service.

Medical Experience

Medical Experience

Logiciels Cx has been simplifying billing and saving you time and money since more than 30 years. It’s feature-rich billing program, certified and compliant with the RAMQ. It’s easy to use and comes with free customer service, upgrades and all that at the best cost.

Listening to customers

Listening to customers

Feedback from our customers is important and normally we make any necessary changes within a few business days of receiving valid suggestions. We also create tailor-made modules to meet certain specific needs.

Why choose Logiciels Cx

Years of experience

Experienced in medical billing since 1990.

Quality product

Recognized as conforming to all RAMQ standards.

Customer support

Guaranteed technical support.

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