Programme d’Accès à la Régie de l’Assurance-Maladie

PARAM is a medical billing program that is compliant with the standards of the RAMQ. It includes the four billing modes: à l’Acte (billing for medical services and travel expenses), Vacation, Rémunération mixte and Salariat. PARAM is designed for general practitioners, specialists and billing agencies that want to safely and efficiently transmit claims to the RAMQ.

All modes of remuneration are available

All modes of remuneration are available

Facturation à l’acte for medical services and travel expenses the FMOQ and FMSQ (all specialties).

Rémunération mixte, electronic equivalent of Form 3743 for rémunération mixte.

Rémunération à la vacation, electronic equivalent of Form 1215 for honoraires forfaitaires et vacation.

Rémunération à salariat, electronic equivalent of Form 1216 for honoraires fixes et salariat.

Why choose Param?

PARAM is a simple, safe and efficient program for medical billing to the RAMQ. Its many advantages make it an option that deserves to be considered.

Certified by the RAMQ

Recognized and compliant with the administrative and technical standards of the RAMQ.

Quality product

A high quality medical billing program that meets the true needs of our clients. A solution with tools that make it smart and efficient, making it easier to enter your payment claims in a few seconds.

PARAM - medical billing program certified by the RAMQ
PARAM - medical billing program easy-to-use and quick for entry of your payment claims


Very intuitive and easy-to-use, has notices to guide you during your billing, requiring a minimum of training.

Quick entry of your payment claims

Your payment claims will be ready in a few seconds thanks the best tools for easy and fast billing: automatic data entry of patient, templates, shortcuts, copy of bill or lines, import services from Excel, and more.

Real-time validation

As you bill, our program validates the basic bill information and thanks to the rules validation process, it analyzes all the data entered to warn you, make suggestions, to remind you to add required information or even better to automatically add billing codes or context elements if the conditions of your bill warrant it.

PARAM - medical billing program with real-time validation
PARAM - medical billing program uses artificial intelligence

Machine learning

Using artificial intelligence algorithms that improve coding accuracy, it offers you the codes (billing, diagnostics, contextual elements or referral professional number) most likely to use based on the data entered.


PARAM offers several advantages for being a desktop application, it is much more stable and robust, it does not depend on the internet connection to create your bills. All data required for billing resides on your computer, so if RAMQ service is under maintenance, you can continue to enter your bills and send them once service is restored. In aspects such as response time and availability PARAM provides a better level of service.

PARAM - medical billing program is much more stable and robust


Fully customizable work environment according to your needs. You can create a workspace that suits the way you work for easier access to the tools or features that you use every day. Allows you to customize an adaptive layout to the screen size.


Daily utility modules and information tools: billing history, the complete list of professionals from the CMQ, the analysis of account statements, among many others available to you.

Help is always at hand

Many ways to get help: manual, interactive guides, a FAQ section, book support appointments online, etc.

PARAM - medical billing program has many modules and information tools
The client registration with a family doctor module is included free of charge

Other free RAMQ services

The client registration with a family doctor module, the features to know the identity of a patient's family doctor and the admissibility verification of the patient are completely free.


PARAM is a desktop application compatible with Windows (version 11, 10, 8 and 7). On Mac, it is possible to use it with a Windows virtual machine on Mac. Many of our clients use it.

Installation and update

A shortcut icon is created on the "Desktop" which allows quick launch. To keep the program up to date, it is equipped with an automatic background update system that does not interrupt your tasks.

PARAM - medical billing program compatible with Windows and it is possible to use it with a Windows virtual machine on Mac
With PARAM - medical billing program you have control of your privacy and security

Privacy and Security

With PARAM you have more control, because you own your data, the sensitive information is encrypted, and you can make security copies at any time and automatically locally or in the cloud.


At no additional cost, you can bill on multiple computers. PARAM will take care of the synchronization between your computers.


PARAM performs well on today's average computers and by requiring a minimal internet connection, it can still be much faster than web software.

Training session and Support are guaranteed

Training session

Receive personalized training session to get started on the right foot, in addition, to make things easier for you, we are there to support you during the billing of your first services, no charge for additional training.

Support guaranteed

You can count on our team's expertise for excellent client service. We guarantee an unparalleled technical support by email, phone and remote connection, set up an appointment with us on your own.

A simple pricing, no extra charge

All our services are included in the annual price, by subscribing all program features and support are available. The best price on the market!

PARAM - medical billing program has a simple pricing, no extra charge

Easy-to-use, full-featured medical billing program that completely covers all your needs.

Remuneration à l'acte

Billing medical services

All claims for medical services provided for in the Agreement.

Billing travel expenses

For reimbursement of travel expenses in connection with services rendered and provided for in the Agreement.

Billing related to reimbursement requests

To provide the Régie with a statements of fees (claims) for services rendered to an insured person.

Modification request

Modify information already provided, add or remove one or more claim lines.

Cancellation request

Easy cancellation of an erroneous claim.

Rectified claims

Recovery of claims that have been corrected by the Régie.

Extra features

  • Analysis of statements.
  • Appointment scheduling.
  • Patient's medical records.
  • Billing history.
  • Backup in the cloud.
  • Eligibility for health insurance.
  • Reports and statistics.
  • Registration of healthcare professionals (soon).

Additional benefits

  • Abolition of late payment.
  • Payment rejects are minimized.
  • Reduces penalties for reimbursement requests.
  • All new controls implemented by the RAMQ are up to date.
  • All non-standard cases can be billed.
  • Layout of the best tools for easy and fast billing.
  • Protected data with a cloud backup.
  • Technical support service guaranteed.
  • Free training to get you off to a good start.
  • Set up an appointment with us on your own.
  • A complete list of frequently asked questions that includes specific cases of billing.
  • Enter your claims as usual and send them in later when the internet is down or when the RAMQ is in maintenance.
  • Quick and easy data entry with templates and shortcuts.
  • Automatic registration of last diagnostic, last hospitalization date and last event date.
  • Display billing history.
  • Validations during billing.
  • Errors pointed out to avoid refusals.
  • Complete list of professionals from the Collège des médecins du Québec (CMQ).

One of the oldest medical billing solutions in Quebec, you can work with us from anywhere!

Using Param

The RAMQ must be notified if you want to come on board with us. Give us a call and we can, with your participation, easily set up a RAMQ agency number for you.

Discovering Param

To discover Param and appreciate its qualities, we may provide more detailed information. Complete the application form by clicking here. Please be specific about your situation to help us prepare a few pertinent examples.

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