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What are the possibilities when you decide to share your experience and help others discover the ease of using PARAM?

Dare to refer and observe how your benefits multiply with each new recommendation. Each referral not only enriches your experience but also that of your colleagues.

At Logiciels Cx, we value your loyalty and contribution. For every new referral that becomes a paying client, you will enjoy exceptional benefits:


How does it work*?

  • First Referral: By referring your first client who subscribes to our PARAM software and becomes a paying client, you will receive a full year of subscription for free.
  • Subsequent Referrals: For each additional client you refer and who becomes a paying client, you will receive an additional free month on your subscription. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make, the possibilities are immense!

Special Offer for New Users:

  • If you are a new professional enjoying your first free year, or a professional or billing agency in a free trial period, you can also participate in this promotion. When you make your first annual subscription payment, we will apply all the free months or years accumulated through your referrals.

Special Offers for Semi-Retired or Retired Physicians:

  • Semi-retired or retired physicians will benefit from five free years for their first referral, and an additional free year for each subsequent referral, thus allowing you to keep your file open and offering you all the peace of mind you deserve.

Important Details:

  • Make sure the new client mentions your name or agency number at registration, or send us an email with their contact details to ensure your benefit.
  • The promotion is valid only for the base rate; it does not apply to other additional services.
  • Referred new clients will also enjoy a special welcome offer when they sign up for PARAM.

Participate today and start enjoying the benefits!

* This offer is valid only when the referred client becomes a paying customer. However, benefits can be attributed in advance under certain conditions.

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