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Technical support, Param - Medical billing to the RAMQ

Technical support

Our Support Team is always open to all questions or comments. It can be accessed by e-mail or by phone and a remote connection between your computer screen and ours can be established for support and teaching purposes.

Online training, Param - Medical billing to the RAMQ

Online training

Initial training consists of two one hour sessions that cover a) setting up parameters and the fundamentals of billing and b) after you’ve received your first statement from the RAMQ, covers more advanced topics.

Appointment, Param - Medical billing to the RAMQ


You’ll have access to our calendar so as to schedule an appointment.

Free updates, Param - Medical billing to the RAMQ

Free updates

Get the latest features and free updates from Param as soon as they become available as well as updates of the complete list of professionals at the Collège des médecins du Québec (CMQ).

Manual and FAQ, Param - Medical billing to the RAMQ

Manual & FAQ

A very complete on-line manual is always available from each of Param's functions and interfaces, as well as an updated list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

We are always improving and streamlining our program.

Our clients

general practitioner

General practitioner

General practitioners who work alone and want to do their own billing.

Medical specialist

Medical specialist

Doctors in all specialties who carry out their own billing.

Group doctors

Grouped doctors

Grouped professionals who charge using a collective administrative account number.

Billing agencies

Billing agencies

Commercial agencies that perform tasks related to billing.

Medical secretary

Medical secretary

Administrative staff that perform billing for a group of professionals (private clinic, office, etc.).

Other clients

Other clients

Anyone else who performs tasks related to computerized billing.

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