Our prices

The best prices on the market

A two-month free trial period offered to new clients.

Payment covers

  • Param usage is based on a twelve month cycle.
  • Initial training, as many upgrades as required for the coming year and a help line.
  • Your agency can bill for one or many practitioners with no price increase (the actual number is unlimited).
  • In certain exceptional cases (retirement, being out of the country) an extension or a date adjustment can be arrange.

Payment methods

Payment can be made with credit (VISA or Mastercard) or by check. Checks must be made out to the order of Logiciels Cx inc. and mailed to 105 Av. Nicholson, Pointe-Claire, (QC) H9R 5W9.(The amount of $1149.75,taxes included)

Secured payment

Payment with cards can be made through our secure online payment system. All information related to this transaction is strictly confidential.


1000$ CDN
(plus TPS and TVQ)
  • A twelve month license
  • All program and rate updates
  • Free Support
  • An initial training session (New client)

Validation file

  • A validation file will be sent by email within seven working days.
  • Payment will not be refundable after emission of the twelve month validation file.
  • Thirty days before the expiration of a paid for period Param will show a reminder upon startup.

Param is a billing program with one of the best prices on the market!

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