Our prices for our retired clients

The best market price

Do you decide to retire?

Designed to bring you peace of mind, we have created a special plan for all our clients who decide to retire.

For 5 years, note that the Régie may send you other payments or statements, and under the powers of the RAMQ in matters of controls, the Régie can revise your paid payments, so during this time you must keep your billing documents and in some situations you need to make changes to your bills. So, keep your subscription active!

Plan during retirement

A special subscription for the use of PARAM during retirement

Be calm during retirement and keep your program active for a very low price and so have access to your payment claims, continue to receive your statements and, if necessary, make corrections to your bills.

You have access to the statement, accounting and billing modules, but this plan only allows the transmission of modifications of bills à l’acte or the rebilling for other modes of remuneration is permitted. The transmission of new bills requires an authorization code issued by Logiciels Cx.

Plan for retirees

150 $ CAD
(plus TPS and TVQ)
  • Special plan valid exclusively for PARAM4 users
  • A twelve month license
  • Free support

Payment methods

Payment can be made with credit (VISA or Mastercard) or by check.

Secured online payment

Payment with cards can be made through our secure online payment system. All information related to this transaction is strictly confidential.

Payment by check

Checks must be made out to the order of Logiciels Cx inc. and mailed to 105 Av. Nicholson, Pointe-Claire, (QC) H9R 5W9. Please indicate the amount with taxes included.

Plan for retirees: $172.46

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