Making the most of the Templates

Param offers a great tool, the templates!

It’s a process through which you can « capture » all the data in a claim and re-use it at a later date without having to retype all of it.

Not only are templates time-savers but they also reduce the risk of errors. Instead of entering the various fields (diagnostic, context elements etc.) you only have to choose the template in the Modèles menu and type in the patient insurance number and an eventual referral number.


Using templates in Param is ideal when you create claims that are repetitive, that always have the same characteristics, or that are specific cases to speed up the billing process. You can create templates for:

  • Frequent claims with common diagnostics, context elements, measurement elements, etc.
  • Rare and complex cases such as an unknown referral, situations with reference location, teaching or supervision of residents, etc.
  • Different types of patients such as someone without a medical insurance number or where the service is not related to a person.
  • Repeated visits to a same patient, ideal for hospital patients.
  • When different diagnostics must be used.
  • Filtering the billing code according to the patient's age.


When your billing is repetitive the activation of the "Automodèle" option enables you to repeat the last selected template each time you create a claim.

If you’ve already entered some information in the claim you can right-click on the template and select "Ajouter modèle" to add it to existing lines.

Also, shortcuts are available for easy and fast entry!

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